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Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina

Year of manufacture 1971 - ein echter Oldtimer

Top grade condition



49.537 kms



Cubic capacity

1.779 cm³


87kW (118 Hp)

Fuel Type


Number of doors


Number of seats



Manual gearbox

Year of manufacture


First registration



renewed prior to transaction

Colour (manufacturer)


Exterior Color



cloth, brown


21.900 Euro


  • 5 gear manual transmission
  • warranty
  • wheel disc brakes

Alfa Romeo 1750 Berlina

  • Year of manufacture: 1971
  • Internal designation: 105.48
  • Designer: Bertone
  • Production period: 1967–1972
  • Mileage: 49.537 km
  • Engine: 4 cylinders in-line engine
  • Cubic Capacity: 1.779 cm³
  • Power: 87kW (118 HP)
  • Transmission: 5 gear manual
  • Drive: rear-wheel
  • Colour (manufacturer): beige cava 821
  • Interior: light brown


This awesome Alfa Romeo 1750 was bought new in the summer of 1971 in Salerno (south-east of Naples) from the official Alfa Romeo dealer “AULETA s.r.l.” The first owner, Giuseppe Volpe, born in 1923, owned the vehicle for 28 years. Like so many people from this early period, he took extraordinary care of his possessions, which is the reason for the car’s excellent condition to this day. Mr Volpe died unexpectedly in the year 1999. A few weeks after his death, his family decided to sell the 1750 Berlina to the owner of the Alfa-Romeo garage “AUTO PROGRESS s.r.l.“.

The owner of the garage had known the car for years, as Mr Volpe had brought it there for checkups if necessary. He parked the 1750 Berlina in the small display section of his workshop and occasionally drove the car for the sheer joy of it. Naturally, other customers took note of the smart limousine’s good condition, and in October 2007 Volpe decided to give in to the constant nagging of another interested party and sold the Alfa to Mr Mario P. Federico, who revealed himself to be a true conoisseur and great collector of classic Alfa Romeo models. Mr Mario P. Federico was born in 1965 in the small village of Bojano, where he lives to this day.

After his purchase in October 2007, he drove the Alfa Romeo 1750 the few kilometres to his home and parked it next to other icons of Italian automobile design. Each of his vehicles was moved approximately 300 kilometres per year in order to prevent potential damage due to long inertia. In July 2019, twelve years after purchase of the vehicle, Mr Federico gave up his collection, and we were in the lucky position to be able to take at least two great specimens off his hands.


The limousine is in top-rate condition and runs sensationally. The fact that the vehicle was only really driven in the first 28 years, to be exclusively admired the rest of the time, makes the relatively small mileage of 49,537 km appear decidedly authentic. The impressively well-preserved interior with its mountings, switches and seats allows one to experience the feeling of owning such a vehicle in genuine mint condition.

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